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Privacy policy

Regarding iDoceo, our app for iPad

You will find our privacy policy explained here in iDoceo’s web site
in addition, this info can be found in the App Store and the app

Regarding Classroom Badge Maker, Classroom roulette, Grade Scanner, Classroom Teammates and Audiologic (‘our apps’ in the following document)

• the identity and address of our company

iDoceo Studios Ltd.
5 Kingswear Road
Ruislip, HA4 6AY
United Kingdom

• Purposes for which data will be used

Our company does not have access to, manages, stores or uses any of the data introduced in our apps.

• Possible transfer of data to third parties and their identity, as well as the purpose for which they are assigned

We do not have access to, manage, handle or keep any of the data inserted in our apps.
Additionally, our company does not establish any kind of data transfer with third parties.

• Rights that assist the holders of the data

Those established between student/legal guardian and their teacher or educational school.

• Location of data and their conservation periods

Data is located and stored in the teacher’s iPad/iPhone. The conservation period is only determined by him and/or his center
In the apps where iCloud and syncing between devices has been enabled, data is securely stored in Apple’s iCloud servers and can only be accessed by the user.

• Security measures provided by the application

Access protection with PIN or fingerprint except on Classroom Roulette
Automatic data encryption on the iPad via iOS
iOS sandboxing.

• Possible accesses that the app makes to personal data stored in the device or its sensors

Our apps do not access any sensor or personal data stored in the iPad without the explicit consent of the teacher.
Any possible data access is completely optional, no data is transferred anywhere, and is not required for the proper operation of our apps.

The optional accesses are the following:
Our apps’ access to iPad/iPhone contacts requires user consent and is limited to the ‘Import contacts’ option when adding students
Our apps’ access to the images stored on the iPad/iPhone requires the user’s consent and is limited to options related to ‘Adding images from camera roll’
Our apps’ access to the iPad/iPhone camera requires user consent and is limited to the ‘Add photo’ options
Our apps’ access to calendar events requires user consent and is limited to diary and planner options
Our apps’ access to the microphone of the iPad/iPhone requires the consent of the user and is limited to the option ‘Record audio’

You can review the activation of these accesses at any time in iPad/iPhone Settings>’name of the app’ or in iPad/iPhone Settings> Privacy