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Audiologic Voice and Audio recorder

Audiologic audio recorder is a powerful and amazing recording app with lots of options and intuitive features .
Audiologic is an universal app that works on iPhone,iPod touch and iPad. Files can be synced between your own devices or can be locally stored in one device only.
Recordings can be edited by cutting or appending tracks, highlighting sections and adding bookmarks notes or images is also possible
Export your files to any cloud service.
Import files from other apps or transfer them via WiFi between Audiologic and a computer connected to your network.

These are its main features:

√ Universal app for all iPhone and iPad models
• Supports iOS9 multitasking, slide-over and split-view.
• Supports all orientations, landscape, portrait in all devices.
• Configure the position of start/end recording button (specially meant for iPhone 6 and 6+ users)
• Store your recordings locally or in iCloud Drive (visible in your Mac)

√ Organization
• Organize your recordings in folders and subfolders
• Move, copy, duplicate, rename your recordings
• Multiple file operations. Copy,erase,move, export several files and folders at once.
• Add tags, bookmarks, notes and photos to your recordings
• Mark recordings as favorite.
• Add files from cloud servers (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) or from other apps in your iDevice.
• Search and filter by name,size,notes,date,tags
• Transcode previous recordings to M4A

√ Recording
• Record in M4A, CAF, WAV and AIFF.
• Records audio while in background
• Configure recording quality/file size. Choose between 8KHz,22KHz and 44KHz
• Record in Stereo or Mono.
• Works with built-in and external microphones
• Add bookmarks, notes, highlight sections and add photos while recording
• Change filename and destination folder while recording
• Automatic filename configurator
• Lock/Unlock buttons. You won’t stop recording by mistake.

√ Playing
• Plays MP3, M4A, CAF, WAV and AIFF
• Change playing speed and pitch, add reverb effect.
• Play complete folders in sequence or randomly
• Works with iPhone/iPad’s remote control (headphones)
• Equalizer with presets and custom settings
• Automatically keeps track of elapsed time on each recording. Resume playing were you left it last time.

√ Bookmark, highlight, loop, add notes and photos
• Add unlimited bookmarks, text notes and photos
• Highlight sections of your recording, Save them as new recordings, export or share
• Play highlighted sections of your recording in loop
• Append and prepend audio files to your recording
• Rearrange,erase, edit your bookmarks

√ WiFi transfer and file playing
• Access all your files from a PC/Mac in your network
• Download/Upload files with a drag&drop