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Classroom Teammates now available in the App store

Classroom Teammates will bring gamification tools to your classroom and will let you create teams randomly or manually in no time.

Import students from a CSV/XLS file, from Google Classroom, from your contacts, from iDoceo or Classroom Badge Maker and have your teams ready right away.

Classroom Teammates is an universal app that syncs your data automatically between your devices (iPhone,iPad and iPod touch)

Main features:
– Universal app. Syncs automatically between your devices.
– Unlimited number of groups, unlimited number of students
– Import players from CSV,XLS,Google Classroom,Contacts, iDoceo or Badge Maker
– Create up to 100 teams per group
– Assign points to each team. Historic log of points.
– Drag&Drop your players manually or create groups automatically
– Automatic group generator by number of players, number of teams
– Apply different criteria for the automatic generation: gender, compatibility and incompatible players
– Three different view modes: badges, teams, list
– Random picker for teams
– Random picker for students
– Create, print, e-mail your teams in PDF
– Export your teams to CSV / XLS
– Recover any erased groups from the recycle bin in settings
– On screen soundboard that will let you play special effects
– Configurable on screen timer

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