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iDoceo 4.10.13 available today with online Tests!

We’ve published today another amazing update with online Tests in iDoceo Connect.

These are the main features and improvements . 

Multiple choice tests are now available!
• Unlimited number of questions
• From 2 up to 7 possible answers. More than one valid answer
• Configure it in no time importing an XLS file with questions and answers
• Add an image to your questions
• Answers may be in text or image
• Assign points per question
• Choose whether to randomize questions and/or answers
• iDoceo Connect will soon have an online library of tests to share”

– iDoceo connect changes
• Recently assigned aliases can be kept for future tasks
• Invalid aliases/submissions can now be erased
• iDoceo Connect rubrics may now include student comments

– System improvements
• Rubric edition shows quick conversion, if any.
• Quick editors may now add or replace icons
• Improved seating plan multiple selection for groups
• Resources may now be sorted by name or date


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