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iDoceo 5.1.1 is now available in the App Store!

An awesome update packed with amazing features.
Here are some of them

New features in iDoceo Connect

    • Record or add audio files to your questions
    • Configure a cover page with instructions and an image in your assessment
    • Disable the questions navigator, allow students to only answer in order
    • Configure up to 20 answers per question
    • Add a countdown timer for the whole exam
    • Add a countdown timer per question
    • Show a random subset of configured questions(aka question library)
    • Add a feedback on correct and incorrect answers
    • Show feedback per question or upon delivery
    • Configure a penalty on wrong answers
    • Custom combinations of points on miltiple choice answers

    • Publish individual student reports in Google Classroom
    • Publish iDoceo Connect assessment results as a task


    • Add a grade book graph in the student’s summary view
    • Revamped student report


Image resources

    • Take multiple pictures with a single click
    • Drag and drop multiple photos button wherever you need it



    • Customize the color of your rubric columns


Automatic backups(optional)

    • Incremental and password protected
    • Won’t interfere with your work but needs iDoceo to be open
    • Requires WiFi connectivity and some battery left
    • Will try to backup after 24 hours of previous backup

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